Day 2

Today I got Visual Studio running.   I was assigned to the special ed database, doing a ‘pickup’ which means I am simply adding more data.  Nong is teaching me how to add data in a way that will be pleasing to our customers.  I haven’t finished the database, but I should tomorrow.


Adventures of an Adaburst Employee

Welcome to my new blog, Adventures of an Adaburst Employee!  Here, I will detail all of the adventures I take part in during my time at Adaburst.  Adaburst is a great company that mostly does contracts for government offices.

This is my first day on the job.  I spent the first part of my day getting acquainted with my coworkers, who seem friendly enough.  I cannot remember all of their names but I will surely be able to by the end of the week.  My boss also made me fill out a bunch of work employment forms.  He set me up with an old laptop, too.  Not very much happened today, but it seems like a nice place and I am raring to get started.